Mein Berlin Buch

In 2015 I made my first book!

I am totally excited to present it to you!

In this book you’ll find 120 pages with over 40 detailed drawings of my favorite places in the city of Berlin. The text is in German and tells you something about the history of the city, nice restaurants and cafes and other insider tips.

The pictures below give an impression of the style.

The book is available online at Amazon

The new edition costs 12,95 and is available in bookstores all over Berlin, for example at Dussmann, Friedrichstrasse 90 and at Buchkantine, Dortmunder Str. 1.

You can also order a copy of the first edition of the book which has a bigger size by sending an e-mail to When you order it directly from here it costs € 18,50 (postage and packaging not included).

For my book I worked together with the graphic design agency teatske sanne. Thanks to Teatske the book became really beautiful.